Be Proactive About Hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. Hydration helps promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Despite the fact that the importance of hydration is so widely recognized, surveys have shown that roughly 3 out of every 4 Americans is currently suffering from dehydration.

Developing healthy hydration habits is absolutely crucial for anyone who is trying to be healthy. Instead of assuming that these habits will develop on their own, it is important to be proactive and make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to stay hydrated on a daily basis.

Proactive Hydration

Make Hydrating Part of Your Everyday Routine

The reason why such a large portion of the American population is dehydrated isn’t because people don’t know about the need to stay hydrated. Rather, it is because in the chaos of our everyday lives, staying hydrated is something that is very easy to forget about.

You wouldn’t wait for your car to run out of gas before you decide to fill it back up. Similarly, if you are waiting for your body to tell you that you are thirsty, you might be waiting too long. Establishing hydration routines is something that everyone can do, but it will require some discipline.

Making a habit of drinking water right when you wake up, as soon as you arrive to your office, or just before your 3pm nap (Nap? We wish!), can make a tremendous amount of difference over time. Creating a routine for drinking enough water, along with your recommended servings of Liquid I.V., can help you to stay proactive about hydration.

Develop a Hydration Plan

The average adult should strive to have at least eight cups (64 ounces) of water (or water equivalent) each day. Achieving this objective is much easier if you have a reliable plan.

If you are someone who is hoping to improve your hydration habits, it may help to think about exactly when you will be hydrating yourself. Before you go to bed tonight, think of eight specific times you plan to hydrate the next day. Even if you do not stick to this specific plan, it will still be helpful to at least be thinking about what you hope to do. The more consistently you can keep hydration on your mind, the easier it will be to follow through with your long-term goals.

Become Informed About the Benefits of Regular Hydration

One of the best ways you can be continuously motivated to stay hydrated is by consistently reminding yourself of the benefits of hydration.

- Increases mental clarity and cognitive performance
- Stabilizes your metabolism (and thus, aids with weight control)
- Promotes healthy skin and combats other signs of aging
- Helps you feel more energized and fuels physical performance
- Directly improve your mood and sense of well-being

Essentially, every single system in the human body can benefit from hydration in some way. Staying hydrated is easy if you are proactive about building it into your daily routine. By proactively thinking about all of these benefits, making plans, and building routines, you will immediately be moving in the right direction toward an optimized, hydrated mind and body. Enjoy any of our three flavors of Hydration Multiplier and get hydrated today.

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