Why Liquid I.V. Sleep is the Nighttime Drink Mix of Your Dreams

Move over, traditional sleep aids-- there's a new kid in town. Liquid I.V. has just announced its new product line, Liquid I.V. Sleep, for, you guessed it: supporting those famously fragile circadian rhythms. And it's not your typical nighttime drink mix.

Why is Liquid I.V. Sleep so revolutionary? Simple: it leverages the breakthrough delivery system Cellular Transport Technology (CTT™), to deliver Melatonin, L-theanine and Valerian root to your bloodstream quickly. Often, sleep products contain potentially effective ingredients IF they are actually absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream. Liquid I.V. Sleep is the first and only natural sleep aid on the market to utilize CTT™, allowing for super-speedy absorption. In fact, more of the natural sleep ingredients in our drink mix enter the bloodstream within 15 minutes of ingestion than sleep products without CTT™. This means Sleep can help you fall asleep faster and hopefully wake up invigorated. Ahh, science!

Melatonin, L-theanine and Valerian root could be considered the existing triumvirate of natural sleep aids, and the combination of these three in our Sleep blend is big news for people who battle occasional sleeplessness. But what do these ingredients do, exactly? And where does CTT™ come in? Below, find the ultimate guide to Liquid I.V.’s newest product line.  

Liquid I.V. Sleep   


Melatonin supplements are often the first stop for people looking for better-quality sleep. Generally thought to be the most important component of quality sleep, melatonin is a hormone made in the body that controls your level of wakefulness. The pineal gland releases high levels of melatonin at night, for obvious reasons, but things like stress, night shifts, jet lag, and seasonal changes can throw off your levels. Liquid I.V. Sleep contains 3 mg of melatonin—enough to ease you into sleep, but not enough to leave you groggy in the morning.


L-theanine has recently gained widespread popularity as a natural sleep aid, as more and more research emerges around its relaxation benefits. It’s an amino acid that can be found in tea, and is said to promote calm by inhibiting brain overactivity. If your sleep troubles have a stress component, the l-theanine in Liquid I.V. Sleep could be super effective at helping you catch some Z’s. L-theanine is also a helper supplement, allowing the other sleep ingredients to stay in your system longer.

Organic Valerian Root

Valerian root has a reputation for providing some serious chill. It’s an herb that has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, and is commonly sold in capsules everywhere from your local apothecary to the CVS down the street. If you want to get really nerdy, one reason Valerian root is effective is because it helps to inhibit the breakdown of GABA, a chemical that calms the nervous system. LIV’s Sleep contains just enough Valerian root to lead you to dreamland, but not enough to make you drowsy the next morning.  

BONUS: Taking Valerian root regularly for two weeks or more is thought to decrease stress and promote feelings of calm during the day too, even if only taken at night.

Cellular Transport Technology

When Liquid I.V. first started utilizing CTT™ in its Hydration Multiplier product, customers were amazed at the product's effectiveness at fighting dehydration. The secret behind it is CTT™. The precise ratio of sodium, glucose and potassium in the product allows your body to absorb water more quickly and efficiently. In Liquid I.V. Sleep, we use this same technique--but this time, in addition to water, Liquid I.V. Sleep also delivers our 3 sleep ingredients to the bloodstream! In other words, think of our ratio of sodium, glucose and potassium as an expedited train that carries hydration, melatonin, l-theanine and Valerian root! (OK, nerd rant over.)

EXTRA BONUS: The tasty Blueberry Lavender flavor! Although the product doesn’t actually contain lavender, it suggests notes of the famously soothing flower. Lavender has calming properties and is often used to promote feelings of relaxation in spas and wellness centers. Take a whiff before you sip for the full effect.

This month, bedtime comes in a stick! Whether you’re dying for some quality rest or just want to enhance bedtime, our new product is about to rock your world (to sleep). Sleep can be found exclusively on liquid-iv.com. Get 20% off for a Limited Time with code SLEEP20. Happy sleeping!

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