Welcome to the Family: Guava, Watermelon & Apple Pie Hydration Multipliers

Why Formulating a New Flavor Is Like Writing a Hit Song

You heard it first, LIV Fam! We’ve got three new additions to the Hydration Multiplier lineup. Starting today, you can get your hands on Guava, Watermelon, and Apple Pie Hydration Multipliers exclusively on Liquid-IV.com. Before you ask…no, these aren’t limited-edition releases, they’re new additions to the forever family—and they’re here to stay!

Now that we’re diving into our new releases, you’re probably wondering: How do our flavor formulators decide which delicious recipes to mix up next? Excellent question! We’re glad you asked. To celebrate the launch of this exclusive new trio, we sat down with Sean Lavin, VP of LIV Mission and the artist behind every delicious, delectable, mouthwatering sip of CTT®-powered hydration. That’s right - for the first time ever, we’re giving you a behind-the-curtain look at what really goes on in the LIV Test Kitchen. Keep reading for the full scoop on Guava, Watermelon, and Apple Pie Hydration Multipliers. Plus, find out why our three new flavors made the cut and how we landed on the perfect recipes. 

The LIV Flavor Experience

A delicious flavor is like a work of art. Infusing subtle sweetness with barely-there notes of floral rose or tangy hibiscus requires a trained palate with years of experience. “At Liquid I.V., we love to put our own stamp on a flavor—making it even more unique. I would say our signature flavor style is complex in its delivery, yet smooth and drinkable with subtle hints of something else hiding in the background for added dimension,” says Lavin. 

Formulating a new flavor is like writing a song. How long does it take to create a hit? “Sometimes, it happens quickly—first version, best version—but that’s rare. The goal is to give the consumer the best experience possible, and that always begins and ends with flavor. We pay special attention to all of the sensory attributes, including mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor-release over time.” One crisp, refreshing, perfectly-balanced sip of a LIV Multiplier, and you’ll know that we’re serious about treating your senses. 

Good Things Come in 3’s

From the rules of storytelling to the number of meals we eat in a day, good things come in threes. In keeping with this age-old adage, we’re introducing new Guava, Watermelon, and Apple Pie Hydration Multipliers to help you elevate your hydration and transition seasons. As always, achieving the perfect balance of flavors was top of mind. We tasted dozens of guavas, watermelons, and apple pie recipes to find the essence of these three delicious newbies. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you. 


“This flavor is so unique and deliciously thirst-quenching,” says Lavin. “Because it is a tropical fruit, the flavor profile screams hydration and offers our palates a change from the more traditional flavors of run-of-the-mill hydration products.” Take a sip of Guava Hydration Multiplier and experience an explosion of sweet and juicy Guava flavor with notes of pineapple, citrus aromatics, and hints of hibiscus.


According to Lavin, “Watermelon is actually a difficult flavor to master. Much like the interpretation of a classic song, you can either hit every note or fail miserably. You want everyone to recognize it but fall in love with your unique spin.” With Watermelon Hydration Multiplier, we’ve captured a summer icon in a stick. Each sip is bursting with crisp Watermelon and unexpected notes of rose to keep you on your toes. 

Apple Pie

“Imagine being able to taste warm pie crust in the first sip, followed by notes of cooked green apple, and ending with a kick of cinnamon—all from a drink mix with zero artificial flavors,” says Lavin. Apple Pie Hydration Multiplier tastes like fall, fresh out of the oven. With an abundance of warm apple flavor and hints of cinnamon, this stick is both refreshing and comforting with every sip (perfect for virgin hot toddies).

3x the Electrolytes 

The flavors may be new, but Guava, Watermelon, and Apple Pie Hydration Multipliers contain the same benefits you know and love from our classic lineup. Hydration Multiplier utilizes the science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)® to deliver 2-3x more hydration than water alone. Plus, Hydration Multiplier doesn’t just taste better than traditional sports drinks, it also contains three times the electrolytes. 

Did we forget to mention? Delicious flavor doesn’t have to mean artificial ingredients. Here at Liquid I.V., we hand select every clean, premium ingredient that goes into our formulas. Our Multipliers are more than just delicious, they’re also completely free from Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors, and Preservatives. Talk about a win-win! 

Now you know all there is to know about the expanded Hydration Multiplier family. Which new flavor will you try first?

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