Story of Seaberry

LIV fam, meet Limited Edition Seaberry Hydration Multiplier, inspired by our life-changing giveback trip to Nepal. With 100% environmentally sustainable packaging materials, Seaberry is another big step in our pursuit of total sustainability. Every Liquid I.V. flavor tells a story—and Seaberry is no exception. So pour a glass of Hydration, pull up a chair, and join the journey. 

The Journey of a Lifetime

In May of 2019, the LIV team traveled to Nepal to deliver Liquid I.V., volunteer at a medical camp, and educate children on the importance of hydration. With absolutely no idea what to expect, we set off on a 16-hour flight to Kathmandu. Arriving in the bustling and chaotic city, we were struck by the unsustainable amounts of waste and air pollution. We spent another day taking in the sights and sounds of Kathmandu before embarking on a harrowing 10-hour drive up into the rural Himalayan village of Ghale Gaun (where we would later find the inspiration for our delicious new Multiplier).  

What followed were some of the most meaningful experiences of our lives. We assisted at a medical camp, where we met incredible people of all ages—some of whom had never seen a doctor in their life—and played soccer with school children to pass time between doctor’s visits. On our last day in the Himalayas, just before we were set to make our way back down the mountainside, something extraordinary happened. Resident forager, superfood aficionado, and VP of Mission, Sean Lavin, spotted a patch of wild Seaberries, and it was love at first bite. As soon as we tasted them, we knew we had found our next flavor. With clean, crisp notes of nectarine and sweet raspberry, Seaberry Hydration Multiplier is packed with real Seaberries sourced straight from the Himalayas. 

Nepal Giveback Trip

The Universal Language

Travel can be life-changing. Exploring new landscapes and immersing yourself in different cultures and traditions can open your eyes and transform the way you see the world. Our giveback trip to Nepal did all of these things and so much more. From playing soccer with a group of local children to dancing onstage with an entire Himalayan village, we never could have imagined we’d be able to communicate so well without saying a word. For the first time, the LIV team had the unique privilege of conversing in a universal language—one built on body language, laughter, facial expressions, and shared experiences. Our hearts were blown wide open and we returned home with an even clearer vision for our mission to Change The World. 

sustainable seaberry

In Pursuit of Total Sustainability

Seaberry is more than just a flavor—it’s a celebration of our mission to Change The World. The amount of trash and air pollution we witnessed in Kathmandu inspired us to take another big step in pursuit of total sustainability. Seaberry is packed with superfruit flavor on the inside, and packed in our first 100% environmentally sustainable outer carton. The Seaberry box is made from 100% recycled PET (rPET) plastic. RPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials. Once collected, it is sorted and cleaned, after which it is transformed into rPET, which can then be used for new packaging. The Seaberry sticks are 100% compostable and will disintegrate into the earth with no waste left behind and enrich the soil for new things to grow. Plus, Seaberry is manufactured using a circular economy system designed to minimize waste by reusing and recycling resources as many times as possible.

Together, we can Change The World and change the planet, one (compostable) stick at a time!

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