Q&A with Chelsea Rude, Professional Climber

Chelsea is a professional climber who currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. Her passion for climbing began at an early age, which she credits to her father. Since age 11, Chelsea has primarily focused on competitive climbing and bouldering but recently has found her way into ice climbing, alpine climbing and more. She has become the ultimate thrill-seeker.

Over the years, Chelsea’s passion for climbing has led her to all corners of the world. She continues to conquer one cliff at a time while impressively working her way to being ranked top 10 in the world for both sports climbing and bouldering.

Today, Chelsea is a coach for a local youth team in Boulder, where she is both a trainer and mentor to those starting their climbing career. Additionally, she is focused on attending graduate school to become a physician’s assistant. Now more than ever, Chelsea is fueled for adventure and ready to take on the next challenge.

Q: How did you get into rock climbing?

My dad and I started climbing together when I was 11 years old. He found an article in a newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia advertising climbing classes at a local gym and asked if I wanted to go. My initial reaction was “nahhhh….I’m going to hang out with my girlfriends.” After about a month of him asking if I’d go with him, I finally gave in. I fell in love immediately. Needless to say, he had to drag me out of the gym by my blonde pig tails after 6 hours on that very first day. The rest is history.

Q: What inspires you every day?

I find daily inspiration in a bunch of things. Sometimes it’s as subtle as the birds chirping and the sun shining. But most days I’m inspired to get going, to keep reaching for the best version of myself I can be… whether that’s athletically or just in life in general.

Q: What type of climbing do you prefer?

I have been working on expanding my skills in climbing. I grew up primarily a competitive climber…for bouldering and sport climbing. I climbed outside a lot too. But over the last year I’ve ventured into ice climbing, mixed climbing, alpine climbing, crack climbing and more trad climbing. I’d say I’m stronger and more comfortable with sport climbing, but I prefer climbing that is more adventurous because those are the memories that stick with me the most.

Q: Where’s the coolest/most memorable place you’ve ever climbed?

One of the most memorable places I’ve climbed is a place called Ceuse near Gap in France. I’ve had a lot of good times up at that cliff with some of my closest friends. The climbing is amazing, and the views are world class.

Q: Is there a specific climb on your bucket list?

I can’t list a specific climb exactly, but on top of my bucket list is going to Patagonia and doing a big wall there. Something that hasn’t been free climbed.

Q: What do you like about Liquid I.V.?

I like that Liquid I.V. keeps me hydrated during my training, adventures, and travel. The taste is refreshing and it’s not loaded with a bunch of unnecessary sugar like other hydration mixes. In addition, I love their philanthropic mission!

Q: How has Liquid I.V. changed your performance?

Liquid I.V. has given me the confidence I need to feel fully hydrated so that I can perform at my absolute best. I don’t want my performance to be hindered because of dehydration, and this was sometimes a problem before I partnered with Liquid I.V.  But now I’m fully hydrated during all of my training sessions and feel confident that I’m putting the best ingredients into my body.

Follow Chelsea’s adventures on social media: @chelseanicholerude

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