New Year, New You? Not if You’re Dehydrated

Many of us resolve to improve ourselves at the beginning of a new year. Sometimes, our goals focus on the physical, as in dropping a few of the extra pounds that snuck in over the winter holiday season, or perhaps building more lean muscle, or improving endurance. Others focus on mental well-being and plan on more yoga, less road rage and more Zen moments to combat office stress. And, some of us resolve to finish that novel draft that’s been lying around, or finally start that 401k we knew we should have paid more attention to earlier in our careers. Whatever the resolution, there is one simple thing that affects it all: hydration. Let’s discuss.

Meeting Physical Goals is Impossible When You’re Dehydrated
Whether your 2018 goal is to shed a few pounds, gain some muscle, or just be able to run across the street without losing your breath, success relies on staying hydrated.

According to Liquid I.V.’s Medical Director, and Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brad Thomas, MD, the effects of dehydration can be devastating to physical performance. IN a nutshell, dehydration leads to decreased blood volume, which in turn leads to:

  • Decreased skin blood flow
  • Decreased sweat rate
  • Decreased heat dissipation Increased core temperature
  • Increased rate of muscle glycogen use
  • Reduced maximal cardiac output and decreased VO2 max

Mental Health Relies on Proper Hydration
Maybe your body is in top physical shape, or perhaps physical fitness is just not your main focus this year. Many of us choose to focus on improving our mental health by reducing stress and improving focus, or enhancing creativity.

The human brain is made up of about 75% water, so it is no surprise that decreased levels of hydration in the body can have immediate effects on mood, concentration, and cognitive function. “Drinking enough water keeps our brain from having to struggle against the effects of dehydration, allowing us to think more clearly than if we let ourselves get dehydrated."

Dehydration affects:

Progress on Pet Projects Stalls Without Hydration
Perhaps your 2018 goal focuses on a creative project like writing the next best-selling business book, or finally putting on your architectural photography exhibit. Optimal hydration is just as important for you as it is for the guy trying to bench 300 this year. The reason is, our mind and body slow down even at a dehydration level of only 1.5%. How are you supposed to work full time, or raise a family, or do all of those responsibilities that have limited your ability to finish your pet project in the past, and still have energy reserved to get to that passion this year? Don’t set yourself back by failing on hydration.

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