#LIVinitup at The 57th Annual Grammy Awards

By Brandin Cohen, Liquid I.V. Co-Founder


LIV on the Red Carpet

Meant to write this and get it out to you guys last week, but between traveling to San Fran to meet with new corporate investment lawyers and our expansion into more Whole Foods locations, I have never been more overwhelmed in my life! But it’s all super exciting and worth every bit of stress and anxiety!

Let’s pull a little #TBT action and talk about LIV at the Grammy’s last week! (For both of my Grandmas who are reading this… #TBT means Throwback Thursday. So basically on any Thursday you can post pictures to the world and talk about anything you want in the past and label it Throwback Thursday or #TBT and it’s totally socially acceptable HA!)

Choosing a Date:

Before I could partake in any red carpet entertainment, the most difficult part of going to the Grammy’s takes place… choosing a date. Unfortunately, my top 3 options were all out of town… my mom, sister, and dad. In years past, I have attended the show specifically for Liquid I.V. related events, thus I have gone with Hayden, my business partner. This year however, I was fortunate enough to get tickets through AEG (the company that puts on the Grammy’s) because I use to work there and my dad still does a lot of business with them. Two passes to the pre-telecast party, the event itself, and the after party meant that I was going to enjoy the show in it’s entirety this time around! Don’t let that fool you though… I still brought a case of LIV onto the red carpet in my jacket and had my date carry a case in her purse as well (Thanks Jules)! Always gotta be prepared for an unexpected opportunity to present itself!

The biggest mistake I made was mentioning to my friends that I had an extra ticket. Quickly, a bidding war started, and if I was going to choose any close friend over another, I would have to justify (unjustifiably) why I chose that friend. To solve this, I decided that I needed to take someone who was kind of random (so none of my friends could complain), that would be a ton of fun, and comfortable in any situation that might arise at The Grammy’s. My good friend Julie ended up being the perfect choice… no one got upset and she was up for the LIV/Grammy’s adventures to come.


The Red Carpet:

Taking a photo on the red carpet is more awkward than you might imagine… literally everyone is staring at you. So naturally, when it’s my turn at the main photo spot, I whip out a packet of Liquid I.V. and post up in front of all the flashes LOL. A little embarrassing but I figured I would get Liquid I.V. a little face time.


The Main Event:

Our seats ended up being in a suite just left of the stage with some AEG executives… such a unique place to view the show from because while you have a great view of the main stage and can see the floor where all the celebs are sitting, you can also see all the stuff going on behind the scenes in preparation for the next performance. So cool! I ended up watching everything going on behind the curtain more than the show itself.


When sitting in a suite with 10 strangers for 4 straight hours, you end up making pretty good friends with everyone in there. The telecast is live, so the commercial breaks are pretty lengthy and it gives you ample time to chat. Let me remind you, the AEG people I was sitting with literally put on The Grammy’s… I was so intrigued, I must have asked them a million questions about everything that it takes to make the show come together. Meanwhile, all they seemed to want to talk to me about was Liquid I.V… it was hilarious. Question after question about the science behind the product, where we are distributed, when they should take Liquid I.V., etc. So despite sitting in a box with people who put on the very show we were watching, we ended up spending a majority of the time discussing LIV. Not sure how that happened, but I can’t complain!


One of the executives who flew in for the event from Denver (don’t want to mention names), is now very interested in investing in Liquid I.V., so I might be making a trip to Colorado soon! Crazy how things happen sometimes!


Overall, the show and production itself was very impressive! I’m not a huge music critic, but it’s such an extraordinary experience to be in an atmosphere like that with so much energy and see all the coordination that takes place to make everything come together for a live television audience.


The After Party:

Didn’t stay too long at the after party (early meetings Monday morning meant I was only going to get a few hours of asleep anyway). However, for the time we were there it was pretty awesome. Big names in the entertainment industry were everywhere (even though I didn’t know most of them… oops my bad). Pharrell apparently showed up but unfortunately I never saw him. Ron Jeremy was scarfing down tons of food in the buffet line. For me personally, the coolest person I spoke with was worldwide superstar soccer player Robbie Keane (I’m a dork when it comes to professional sports). The dude is a rockstar in international soccer and just won a championship with LA Galaxy this year (he was named MVP of the entire league in 2014)! And have you seen his wife… wow she is stunning. Basically, Robbie is just super nice guy… we talked LIV, soccer, hydration and even took a selfie with us HAHA. (pictured below)


Pretty cool to think that a lot of these big names went home with Liquid I.V. in their pocket. And judging by the open bar at the after party, I’m sure a lot of people were going to need some of our breakthrough hydration technology in the morning. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better time… went to The Grammy’s this year totally for fun and ended up talking LIV with AEG big shots, might have an incredible new investor in Denver, and after partied with a global soccer icon. #chillnight


Only one downside to the entire evening, I was unable to catch up with my future wife, Miss Swift. Taylor, if you read the blog, feel free to hit me up in the comments below!


Snapchat selfie with me, my date, and MLS star Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane and his wife, Claudine Palmer


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