LIV Team Headed Across the World


We’re off to Nepal to further our worldwide Giveback mission and help a small mountain village along the road to recovery.

To our incredible LIV community,

Today, on the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that tragically took the lives of almost 9,000 people in Nepal, the LIV team is proud to announce that we will be traveling to Nepal for our first Giveback trip of 2019.

In a few weeks, in partnership with Direct Relief, we’ll be working with Mountain Heart Nepal, a nonprofit run by healthcare professionals, to deliver medical supplies and palettes of Liquid I.V. to a remote village at the foot of the Himalayas called Ghale Gaun. We’ll also be visiting health clinics, presenting a lesson on hydration at the local school, and talking with villagers and doctors about their experiences post-earthquake. It’s our next small step toward helping people everywhere live better lives.

It’s going to be a long journey. The team will leave from Los Angeles on May 12thand travel for 24 hours to get to Kathmandu. We’ll then travel 6 more hours on a dirt road to get to Ghale Gaun.

A crowd in Nepal waits to be seen by a mobile clinic. Photo courtesy of Direct Relief. 

But those in rural villages like Ghale Gaun have to make long journeys all the time. While Nepalis in cities like Kathmandu have more access to medical care, the sick or injured in remote locations often have to walk up to 10 hours to get to the nearest doctor. That’s why we’re delivering hydration aid to those who need it most.

This trip has been in the works for months, and we’re so grateful to finally share this with you, the LIV community, who has made this all possible. While it is sure to be an adventure filled with many highs and lows, we are excited and ready to embark on this incredible journey.Together, we’re on a mission to make the world a better place, and we couldn’t do it without you.

In collaboration with Direct Relief and Mountain Heart Nepal, we will be documenting our journey. If there’s anything you’d like us to say to the courageous villagers and doctors, questions you’d like us to ask, or content you want us to capture, send us a private message. We’d love to hear from you.

Click here to read more about the catastrophic 2015 earthquake.

- The LIV Team

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