Liquid I.V. x The Balanced Blonde 5K Run and Yoga Flow

What a weekend! Last Sunday we co-hosted a 5K Run and Yoga Flow in Manhattan Beach, CA with our good friend Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde). The special event was put on to celebrate the launch of Liquid I.V.’s New Limited Edition Açaí Berry Hydration Multiplier product.

Things kicked off at 9am with a yoga flow session led by the beautiful yogis Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde) and Sophie Jaffe (@sophie.jaffe). Attendees lined up along the walk street and were guided in some serious yoga exercises to prepare both physically and mentally for the impending 5k run.

Becky LaChance (@becky_liveshealthy), Danika Miller (@itsdanikamiller),
Krista Williams (@hundredblog), Brandin Cohen (@brandin_cohen),
Rachel Rhee (@justdimpleit), and Kayleigh Clark (@kayleigh.christina)
clear their minds to go full zen.

Each guest received a complimentary blue or purple Gaiam yoga mat
which was a huge hit with the LIV faithful in attendance!

Once the warm up yoga session was over, Brandin Cohen (Co-Founder and CEO of Liquid I.V.) and Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde) led the group of runners on the 5k course which carved its way along the Strand through Manhattan Beach and finished back at the original starting point on 10th street, just south of the Manhattan Beach Pier. Runners were greeted by a purple finish line tape, another fun symbol representing the launch of Liquid I.V.’s new Açaí Berry flavor. Kayleigh Clark (@kayleigh.christina), Matt Clark, and Brian Kimpson (@oh.brian) were the official winners of the race with an unofficial time of (fast.veryfast).

Jonathan Albrecht (@inspirepeople), Brandin Cohen (@brandin_cohen),
Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde), and Sophie Jaffe (@sophie.jaffe)
are all smiles during the 5k.

Nataly Perez (@fitnhealthy) and Becky LaChance (@becky_liveshealthy)
make their way along the 5k course with the Manhattan Beach pier in the background.

Kayleigh Clark (@kayleigh.christina), Matt Clark (@mattgriffinclark), 
Brian Kimpson (@oh.brian), and Jordan Dorso (@jordandorso) before
the finish line.

After the 5k run, Sophie and Jordan led the group in a spontaneous, impromptu team stretch and cool down session that brought everybody into a tranquil state of mind. The energy was incredible… good vibes don’t lie!

Runners quickly replenished their hydration levels after the race with Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier. In addition to an endless supply of the new Limited Edition Açaí Berry, some delicious and healthy treats were available throughout the event.

Guests spent the rest of the morning mingling with the Liquid I.V. team and getting to know Brandin and Jordan one-on-one. A co-branded Liquid I.V. x The Balanced Blonde Snapchat filter and Bosco photo booth made for some fun photo-ops.

Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde), Brandin Cohen
(@brandin_cohen), and Brian Kimpson (@oh.brian) rehydrate with
Liquid I.V. after the 5k.

Healthy snacks included Perfect Bars, Noosa yogurt, and
Purely Elizabeth Granola.

In addition to the new yoga mats, all guests got to take
home a nice supply of Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier as
well as a Liquid I.V. Reusable Water Bottle.

Tiffany Acevedo (@nourishedbykale), Brandin Cohen (@brandin_cohen),
Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde), and Sophie Jaffe (@sophie.jaffe)
having a party in the photo booth.

LIV Operation Manager, Sean Lavin, putting on a clinic in slow motion

Jordan Dorso (@jordandorso), Matt Clark(@mattgriffinclark), and 
Kayleigh Clark (@kayleigh.christina) showing off their Liquid I.V. goodies.

LIV Team members Gabi and Michelle quickly became experts with 
the photo booth.

Professional basketball player, Sasha Vujacic, made a surprise
appearance and challenged Brandin and the LIV team to a few serious
games of HORSE.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support! We can’t wait for the next one! And shoutout to @dfritomedia for capturing all of these great moments from the event.

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