Jamie Mitchell Talks Family, Goals and Hydration

Photo credit: Richard Podgurski

Jamie Mitchell is one of the world’s most epic watermen. From winning the world’s most grueling SUP race 10 years running, to mastering some of the most giant waves on the planet, Mitchell is a maniac in the ocean. Brands like Quiksilver and Reef support Mitchell’s adventures, and keep him on track to stay stoked in the water.

Beyond waves and water, Mitchell focuses on his growing family - he and wife Cassie welcomed their 2nd baby, Malia, last year. So, how does Jamie Mitchell stay in top shape physically and mentally, while dealing with the grueling pace of his schedule as a professional athlete and carving out quality time with his family? Liquid I.V. recently caught up with the surf industry icon to find out. Here’s the interview.

What's your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?

Apart from surfing giant perfect big waves... To spend the day at the beach with my wife and 2 daughters and share the love I have for the ocean.


Tell us about your family. We understand you had a new addition last year.

Yes, we had our 2nd daughter Malia. She was born in September so life is definitely in the fast lane right now with Nevaeh being 2 and a half and a newborn in the mix now too.

How do you arrange your life to fit in all of your athletic pursuits as well as pay enough attention to your family?

It’s a challenge at times, I won’t lie, but it’s all about balance and time management. I travel a lot, so I make sure that when I am home I am really present for my girls. I really love spending time with them, so it’s easy for me to help Cassie with the girls and give her time for herself, and then also time together as a family. Cassie is so understanding and she knows that it’s not only my job and puts food on the table for us, but it’s something I love as well. Communication is key, and just having a healthy balance of work and family life.


What's your next goal for surfing or paddling?

I would love to try and win a WSL World Big Wave Title. I’m 5th in the rankings right now with 2 events left, so if not this year then definitely next year, I’ll try and focus on that.

Have you ever felt dehydrated in the middle of a SUP race, or big surf comp? What happened? How did it feel?

I have been dehydrated many times during surfing and racing. It’s a horrible feeling to start cramping and feeling fatigued. I really wish Liquid I.V. was around when I was racing the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race. I think it would of helped me so much in that race, but I am using it religiously now for my big wave sessions, and while I’m travelling… especially on long flights. It has been a life saver for me on many occasions.

What's your advice to anyone who is trying to get in shape for 2018?

Consistency is key. Write down what you want to do, try and find a workout partner to make it more fun and keep yourself more accountable if you don't show up. Start out slow and have fun!

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