Headache Causes and Cures

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion, no doubt alcoholic beverages will be a major part of your celebration. What would a party be without its share of beer, wine or mixed alcoholic drinks? The problem is seldom with enjoying the moment, but in the after effects of a terrible hangover the next day.

As most people can attest, hangovers are no fun. The ill effects range from pounding headaches to nausea, excessive fatigue, moodiness and complete inability to think or function for your first few waking hours. However, those who drink way too much, are on medications and/or have a health condition may find that there are serious medical repercussions.

Not everyone who drinks alcoholic beverages suffers from a hangover the day after. There are various causes of hangover headaches as well as various ways in which you can spare yourself from this dilemma. By taking a few precautionary measures, you can avoid the pain and suffering of hangover headaches and still enjoy your night on the town.

Hangover Facts, Not Fallacies

The more you drink, the greater the chances of suffering from hangover headaches the next day. Putting some limitations in place can be a lifesaver, especially if you have to work the following day. Here are a few facts you should be aware of concerning the relationship between alcohol consumption and hangovers.

Alcohol contains ethanol which causes dehydration in the body. As your body dehydrates, it produces dry mouth, tiredness and headaches. You can counter the dehydration effect by drinking lots of water during your partying. If you drink water both before and during your celebration, you can reduce the chances of suffering from a hangover the next day.

All alcoholic drinks contain congeners, by-products of the fermentation process. Congeners contribute to the distinct aroma, taste and color of the various types of alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, congeners also contribute to hangovers. Some types of alcohol, i.e. darker spirits such as whiskey, brandy and red wine, contain more congeners than clearer spirits such as vodka or white wine. The congeners contribute to the darker spirits’ stronger taste and over-consumption of these spirits is more likely to produce a hangover. There are also more congeners in cheaper alcoholic beverages due to reduced filtration in the distillation process. Consuming cheap liquor will produce the same hangover effects.

Sweet alcoholic drinks pose a danger of hangovers due to overextending your limits on how much to drink. The sweet taste of the drink often encourages people to drink more than they should. By going overboard in your drinking, you risk suffering from a hangover the next day.

Smokers beware! Excessive smoking during a night of drinking could result in nicotine poisoning, aggravating the negative effects of a hangover.

Your weight can have an effect on the influence of alcohol in your body. The thinner you are, the more you will feel the effects of the alcohol you drink. This is why thin people often get “high” on fewer drinks than individuals carrying a hefty weight. Those who are slender will also experience worse after-effects the following day.

Genetics also comes into play in regards to hangovers. Your genetics may be such that you can drink all you want without ever experiencing hangover effects.

Elderly people are susceptible to more severe hangovers. If you are advanced in years, it’s better to take it easy on your drinking to preserve your health in your elderly years.

The best way anyone can reduce the risk of hangovers is to drink slower and in moderation. Heavy drinkers and fast drinkers increase their risk of experiencing hangover headaches as a result of their foolish drinking habits.

Prevent Hangovers and Enjoy Your Party

Learning how to prevent hangovers can help you enjoy your celebrations without worrying about the day after. The following offers some tips that may help in reducing hangover headaches and other negative effects.

  • Drink lots of water throughout the evening. When possible, match each drink with a glass of water to reduce headaches the next day.
  • Eat food as you drink to reduce the rate that alcohol is absorbed into your body.
  • Consume clearer-colored spirits such as vodka or white wine that contain less hangover causing congeners.
  • Avoid bubbly drinks such as champagne or mixing drinks with carbonated beverages as the body absorbs these more quickly, increasing the chance of hangovers.
  • Upgrade your liquor to a higher level. Remember, it’s the cheap stuff that contains more congeners which contribute to next-day hangovers.
  • To break down those alcohol toxins, go outdoors for some fresh air. The exercise will do you good and may even improve your mood.
  • Better yet, combat all the symptoms of your hangover with Liquid I.V. – the ultimate hangover remedy. Based on the therapy of oral rehydration, Liquid I.V. is designed to rehydrate your body quickly and effectively in order to help you recuperate from the negative effects of dehydration. The formula is comprised of water, glucose and electrolytes in balanced quantities to produce the positive results you desire. In addition to hydrating your body, Liquid I.V. helps your body eliminate undesirable alcohol toxins so you can recuperate faster.

Liquid I.V. can be purchased in powder form and easily prepared by mixing with cold water or you can use reusable Liquid I.V. bags. Contact us to learn more about the tremendous effects of Liquid I.V. in combating dehydration and helping you recuperate from the adverse effects of hangovers. We can help you get back on your feet quickly and easily.

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