Energy Multiplier Expands at Costco

Your Constant State of Awesome, Now Available at Costco Nationwide 


Well LIV fam, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Energy Multiplier is officially available at Costco warehouses nationwide! Known for their commitment to best-in-class quality and top-tier product selection, Costco has been raising the bar of retail excellence for almost four decades. 

We were honored to earn the retailer’s incomparable seal of approval when we launched Hydration Multiplier on in 2017. Since expanding to brick and mortar locations in 2018, Liquid I.V. has become Costco’s fastest-growing hydration brand. Working with the retail giant has been an important part of the LIV story, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce this next phase of our partnership. 

“Our relationship with Costco has been a valued part in our overall journey at Liquid I.V. and we’re excited to continue growing our list of innovative functional beverages with them as a partner.” - Ryan Wheeler, EVP of Sales

Energy Multiplier became an instant fan favorite when it launched on in late 2019. Loyal LIV fans, wellness first-timers, and lifetime coffee drinkers took one sip of our proprietary blend of Matcha, Guayusa, and Ginger, and just like that, the Energy revolution was born. When we extended the launch to include retail partners earlier this year, Costco was first in line, stocking our CTT®-powered energy drink at select locations. The response has been overwhelming—truly revolutionary, to say the least. Today, Energy Multiplier is available at over 500 Costco warehouses nationwide. 

“Consumers are getting smarter and smarter about what goes into their bodies,” said Sean Lavin, Liquid I.V.‘s VP of Mission & Innovation. “With Energy Multiplier, we’ve created a beverage that offers a cutting-edge caffeinated blend - perfect for someone looking to boost their energy and their wellness. The vitamins and natural antioxidants from Matcha green tea, Guayusa, and Ginger provide a unique burst of sustained energy when people need it most.”

Energy Multiplier replaces unhealthy, artificial energy drinks with fast-acting natural caffeine. Each convenient, travel-friendly stick is like drinking 1-2 cups of coffee, but so much better! Replace your morning brew or take a stick on the go to help you power through your 3 o’clock slump. 

Supporting your body with premium wellness formulas made from clean, simple ingredients is more important than ever. Whether it’s in-person or online, we’re proud to partner with Costco to help you optimize your personal well-being and reach your constant state of awesome. Head to your local Costco warehouse to save $6.00 on Energy Multiplier through 8/30!

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