8 Ways to Tell You’re Dehydrated

How to Tell If You're Dehydrated

You have probably heard that drinking eight glasses of water (64 ounces) a day is ideal. Surprisingly, most adults actually need to drink more. Experts claim that 13 glasses are recommended for men and 9 glasses for women. To take care of your body, it is important to be active in your hydration efforts. Staying hydrated helps ensure that you stay healthy and that your body will perform at its best.

To avoid getting dehydrated, pay attention to your body and any signs of dehydration that it may exhibit. The moment you begin to notice any of these signs, take a break from what you are doing, get a glass of water, and hydrate. Include a Hydration Multiplier like Liquid I.V. to make this task a whole lot easier.

Signs of Dehydration

1. Thirst
The most basic indicator that your body is beginning to feel dehydrated is thirst. Evolution has provided thirst as a way for our body to remind us to search for water actively. If you are feeling thirsty, it is likely that your physical performance is already being affected. This is even more notable if you are exercising or being exposed to extreme weather conditions.

2. Muscle Cramps
Water is essential for full muscular function. Dehydration leads to risk of involuntary muscle contraction. This is what happens when you begin to cramp. Another common cause of muscle cramps is the sudden depletion of your electrolyte levels. Drinking water and taking supplements while you are working out can be a strong preventative for this

3. Changes in Urine Output
Learn about your body’s hydration status by examining your urine. When hydrated, your urine will be either clear or pale yellow. When dehydrated, however, your urine can be much darker, cloudy, and possibly odorous.

4. Headaches
If you are suffering from a headache or a migraine, studies show that you may be dehydrated. Drinking water can relieve your headache in as little as 15 minutes, working much faster than aspirin.

5. Sudden Fatigue
One of the most commonly ignored causes of tiredness is dehydration. Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee— a stimulant that actually dehydrates more —start by reaching for a tall glass of water.

6. Irritability
If you are like most, it is possible that dehydration can cause sudden irrational irritability. Your brain is extremely dependent on water for proper function. Without proper fluid intake, you are can begin to feel confused or experience various mood changes.

7. Skin Elasticity 
Your skin is largely composed of water. When you become dehydrated, your skin’s elasticity level will begin to change. To find out if you’re depleted of fluids, gently pinch some of the skin on your arm and see if how quickly it returns to place. If your skin doesn’t immediately reshape, then it is likely that you are dehydrated.

8. Rapid Heart Rate
Another way to pinpoint dehydration is to track your heart’s behavior. Dehydration can cause rapid increases in heart rate, increasing heart beats intensity, fluttering, or heart palpitation. Avoid putting your heart through extra work and give your body a break by drinking a glass of water.

Combating Dehydration

Most of the problems mentioned above can be reconciled by increasing fluid intake. However, dehydration can also cause a variety of serious and long-lasting conditions. Your organs will be prone to suffering if you are constantly dehydrated. Severe complications with your heart, brain, kidney, and liver are all possible.

At the end of the day, if you begin to feel as if you are performing less than your best, your first instinct should be to get a glass of water. Take action by hydrating yourself!

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