8 Easy Ways to Incorporate Electrolyte Powder Into Your Daily Routine

It’s one thing to consider adding electrolyte powder into your exercise regime, but it’s entirely another to factor it into your daily rituals. If you’ve been following along on the Liquid I.V. blog, then you know it’s no secret that we love our electrolytes. We love them so much that many of us here at Liquid I.V. use the tasty packets on a daily basis. Whether it’s to avoid the 3pm crash or to supplement our morning coffee routine, there’s a reason we say that Liquid I.V. isn’t just for athletes.

Along with the vitamins and nutrients Liquid I.V. provides, the efficiency it can offer (2-3x faster hydration than water alone) is just too convenient to pass up, especially for 9-5ers (or 8-6ers) who need a little something extra in the middle of the day.

To help you make it through the daily grind, we’ve compiled 8 easy and excellent ways you can incorporate Liquid I.V. into your daily routine.

The To-Go Bottle

One of the best ways to ensure you’re hydrating throughout the day is to keep a water bottle in your car that can be consumed at a moment’s notice. It’s the same with electrolyte powder. Liquid I.V. servings are famously packable and perfect for your glovebox, cupholder, or passenger seat. With an easy tear-off tab and an instant, shakeable powder mix, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient way to replenish those electrolytes.

The Pocket Pouch

Walk to work, or can’t seem to find a break in the middle of the day to refuel? Pack some in your pocket! For the busiest bees among us, the "pocket pouch" method of incorporating Liquid I.V.’s electrolyte powder into your day is as convenient as it gets. Just queue up a glass of water and you can be seconds away from instant hydration (okay, not quite instant, but a lot faster than water).

Liquid I.V. for Lunch

If you’re a meal-prepper, we know that your lunchtime is important to you. While the rest of the office scrambles for something to snack on, you’ve got your drawer of goodies pre-packed and ready to roll. Liquid I.V.’s electrolyte powder sticks are the perfect addition to your neatly-organized lunch items, and look stellar alongside your other healthy snacks. It’s like a napkin note from your mom, except better (sorry, Mom)!

Cooler Than Coffee

Whether or not you’re a morning person, chances are you’re reaching for the coffee cup almost as soon as you’re out of bed. Try putting a packet of Liquid I.V. on the coffee maker, and watch your mornings transform from groggy to great without the help of caffeine. (Looking to wean yourself off of the morning joe? We’ve got a blog for that).

Pack Your Work Bag

Find yourself reaching for the coffee card in the middle of the day? Reach into your bag and pull out a packet of Liquid I.V. instead, and watch the electrolyte powder work even faster than caffeine to perk up your day! Keeping a few packets in your work bag or purse is one of the easiest way for the benefits of electrolyte powder to become an everyday thing.

Office Snacks = Liquid I.V. Packs

When the mid-afternoon drag threatens to tank your productivity, try snagging a packet of Liquid I.V. before reaching for a handful of M&M’s. Your brain and your energy levels will thank you. Better yet, put in a good word and get your office to start stocking electrolyte powder. What says "we love our employees" more than a permanent stash of Liquid I.V.? A hydrated employee is a happy employee, which makes stocking a box of Liquid I.V.’s variety pack like giving everyone a daily bonus.

The Classic Gym Bag

Of course, one of the most popular places to store Liquid I.V. is in your gym bag. If you’re a pre-exercise energizer, storing a few sticks (or even a box) of Liquid I.V. in your go-to gym bag is a must. Just make sure you wash those socks every once in awhile.

Kids Love Liquid I.V. (So Keep It On You At all Times)

Rolling with a baby bag? Kids are extremely susceptible to dehydration, so maintaining a store of Liquid I.V. in your carseat, stroller, or baby bag could turn a downhill day into a good one! Electrolyte powder isn’t just for kids, though. Take advantage of the convenience of Liquid I.V. and get the whole family hydrated!

Have a creative way you keep your Liquid I.V. at the top of your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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